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I've just been asked if I'd like to help control some feral goats.

I quite like goat meat, but know that many don't. Is there any market for it here? Are game dealers likely to take it?


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I reckon given a bit of notice, most game dealers would take it.. It would probably sell well in the right place.

Im with you, i was really impressed with goat meat, although they were only young ones, not so sure how good the older males would be!

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Google 'bush meat' for some ideas. You should maybe look towards ethnic communities that would eat goat as a staple diet in their home land. They will be eager to buy I'm sure!
I've never shot one myself, but apparently they bloody stink!!!!

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My friends in Crete barbecue goat whenever they have to shoot one because it was about to stray onto the neighbour's land, which cannot be tolerated. It's pretty good, although I daresay these are quite young goats as their curiosity shortens their life expectancy. Also, in parts of France, Switzerland and Spain, it's quite common to eat roast kid rather than lamb. You have to slow-roast it though as it's very lean, but it's very good. I don't know that I'd be that keen on eating an old billy though. That would probably require a fait bit of hanging beforehand, same as mutton.


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I've eaten it a lot growing up and working in Africa - as said, cooked right it's great. You do smell of it for days afterward, and butchering males can be overpowering. But I think we'll end up with more than we can deal with through personal consumption.

Am I right in thinking .243 is perfectly adequate?


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you might get some interest in the nannies and younger males but the mature males hahah i don't think anyone could stomach one of those, if you do intend to shoot some of those either leave them where they lie for the scavengers or buy a trailer whatever you do don't put them in your vehicle you will never be rid of the smell if you do


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Goat meat used to be bar-b-q'd all the time in Cyprus in the '60's. We used to eat out quite a lot enjoying it at the time. Much less is eaten these days & never heard of it sell in the UK.
I've shot loads of goats and definitely the billys stink! Leave them for charlie & buzzards etc.

I've heard, but don't know, - good gray billy hides may be worth a fair bit of dosh....used for making sporrans I'm told. ATB
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Shot one or two with clients in the past, and every billy I skinned for a shoulder mount..................stinks and its a job to get it out of your hands if you don't wear gloves as well.


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I've shot a nanny and a billy, they do have a certain aroma about them, young goat meat is the thing to go for leave the old billy's out as fox bait, they cant pick them up so have to feed on them where they lay a great way of catching them out!


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I've heard, but don't know, - good gray billy hides may be worth a fair bit of dosh....used for making sporrans I'm told. ATB
Well that explains it then, I always thought them old jocks suffered with the old betty swollocks syndrome now you're saying its the billy goat sporrans :rofl:.