Going the extra mile


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I spent an excellent day on the range yesterday with John at Orion Firearms Training in Wales, being ex military I thought I knew a bit about rifles until I met John. He soon got me shooting out to 800m until the weather closed in and we had to stop. I will definitely be going back. Whilst on the range my rifle had a small problem and wouldn't eject the empty cases properly, I called Mike Norris at Brock and Norris as he had built my rifle two years ago. This was at 4pm and the range is 75 miles from Mike. He offered to stay open for me and repair my rifle on my way home. I arrived at his shop just after 6pm and he quickly identified a broken ejector spring and changed it for me. Not only that, he cleaned my rifle and inspected the bore. All this was carried out by 6.45 and he sent me on my way refusing to take any payment. I would like to thank Mike for his excellent service and I look forward to spending more money in his shop.


Steve Williams
top guy mike, if you dont mind me asking was it alot of money for the day with orion ??????