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Hi All
I thought I would share a mates good fortune with you. I put a picture of this buck in the trophy room last year not realising what how good he was.
Last Roe rut a friend of mine Mat had taken me for a weekend stalking in Hampshire and on the way back we had to pass some ground of mine by Gloucester and it being a beautiful summers morning we called in with the idea of having a call with the buttalo and this was the result which has just been measured by Richard Prior at 136 CIC points Gold Medal, so congratulations Mat.



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well done mat
and well done wayne for showing us, roe are such beautifull deer and that looks a belter even better for mat as it turn out


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Well done, very nice Buck, taken on a beautiful summers day, every inch a memory for you that will stay with you forever. Good guiding by Wayne and a happy friend with a very good Buck :D

What more could one ask for out of life :D
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