Good Afternoon, All. New member from NE England.


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Good afternoon everyone.

I'm Paul (or Paj/Jonesy to most people who know me). Found the site watching some videos on YouTube around Deer Stalking whilst trying to find information about anything happening in the North East of England - where im based (Sunny Sunderland!).

I started Deer Stalking a couple of years ago when I undertook a Forest Hunter bushcraft course ran by Paul Kirtley of Frontier Bushcraft, supported by Andy Chadderton of Moray Outfitting up in Dallas, Forres up in the northern part of Scotland.

An amazing week, learning about ecology of deer, the legalities and ethics of stalking and culminating in passing my DSC1 qualification. This was in October 2019. After that week nothing much happened up until the pandemic hit us in full and in March we went into Lockdown. I was invited back up to Dallas in August 2020 by Andy to help him out for a couple of days with a cull on Red and Fallow deer in his local estate. Managed to get 'eyes on' a couple of deer, but holy hell are they fast buggers! Couldnt get the rifle up in time for a safe shot so I left empty handed. Had a fantastic time though, nontheless!

Since then we've been in and out of lockdowns but now that the end is in sight im looking for any opportunities to get out and practice stalking in the NE of England (at least initially) and hopefully eventually being part of a syndicate or club or even be given permission on some land to stalk myself.

I must admit that im a bit wary of getting back into stalking, particularly around making sure my shooting is humane and im unsure about gralloching correctly hence why I would like to go out with a more experienced guide for a few stalks to build up my confidence. Rifle-wise I have used a Sauer 404 with .243 and .308 calibre rounds.

Very nice to meet you all and learn from any experience and advice people have to offer!

- Paj
Welcome from Essex, there is a thread on here around gralloching until you can find someone to mentor you on it, it may be good to take a look