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Hello chaps,
I have just seen advertised brand new Howa 1500 with a hogue stock for £395. That is a real deal. a company called highland outdoors are selling them

i reckon i might replace my 30-06 with one. for the same money i was looking at i can have one threaded with a moderator



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Hi Swampy
If you changed your 30-06 for a Howa,what calibre would you have it in?
Hope your'e healing mate.
All the best,


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hi guys

I know a chap who's just bought a howa in 204 ruger for fox control .
He went for a package deal and got the rifle scope mounts and moderator all
for about £600 ( Nikko scope Wildcat mod and good quality mounts )
I think he said it would have been over £800 if he had to get it all him self. Seems like a really good deal,

He been out rabbiting & foxing with it and says it's the best gun he owns
he's well happy



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replacement rifle

Hi chas,
I would have it in......30-06 sprg. My reasoning is that with .30-06 i can shoot 165 gr at just shy of 3000 fps and 180 at about 2800 I would like to shoot boar and one day would like to travel with my rifle.

I have my 7mm08 which shoots 145 at 2900 but this is it's optimum bullet wieght and above this it's performance drops off quite markedly. This is my bread and butter rifle, but to have the '06 in the cabinet it gives me the capacity to fire bigger bullets well.

As you know most of my stalking is short range woodland work so the remmy model 7 in 7mm08 is ideal. If i wanted to shoot at longer rances then an accurate .30-06 would be a good choice. I know that if i ever manage to get to australia to shoot with my buddy graham i will be able to find .30-06 rounds in the shops and the round will be good for anything he can offer me.

the ankle is still in plaster and will be for another month. It doesn't hurt too much now but i am really bored.

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