Good durable slip lead?


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Got through a good few cheap slip leads with my cocker spaniel pup, she either chews them or the clips and fittings fall apart.

Thought i I had found success with the Kennelmate swivel slip lead, a great idea to stop tangles but a burr on the ring has worn the rope and it no longer releases as quick as I'd like after the check. Also the shrink tube has come off on a few of the joins.

Looking for a lead for life - anyone any recommendations please?



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The problem with making one that's indestructible would be thickness / stiffness. We carry webbings that are really good, the proper stuff, polyester not cheap polypropylene that some advertise as 5ton webbing :rolleyes: . As I said though, what width / thickness and how stiff is acceptable ?


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Karenswood will make any type of lead in synthetic or leather

They have just made me a new harness and two new tracking lines in leather for my wire and they are faultless and extremely well made, they make it to what you want rather than the other way round

i would give them a call they are very very helpful, pretty sure they will sort for you.

I have or use horse trainer lines for training tracking they are a fiver a piece, they would take a battering before they give up the ghost.

PM me if you want the number


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I use these :, the round ones, and cut the stop off for a smoother slip. There used to be a choice of black or brown, either way with a bit of tack wax they last for years. No snags or tangles with leather. Puppy will grow out of the lead chewing but no harm in discouraging it gently.

A hunting slip will give you both hands free if you need it, very useful for bringing on a young deer dog, and 'sit' does mean 'sit' if you are carrying a rifle :

All the best, S.


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John norris leads are pretty good and 3 for a tenner

The big problem with buying a lead for life is ur bound to lose it, :doh: when ur dog is more advanced and walking or hunting of the lead amazing how many fall out of pockets/from round ur neck or lent to people never to be seen again ;)

Plus always handy having extra leads/whistles stashed places pick up,game bags, training/dummy bag, as sure as fate u will leave it behind when u really need it
My worst was loading on grouse this year with 3 dogs and no leads :doh: thought i was picking up and my leads/corkscrew were in other bag.

Really u should be keeping the lead away from ur pup (as with anything else u don't want chewed) when not walking it and try not to let it p**s about while it's walking on the lead.
Many spaniel folk will tell u it should be the last thing u train a spanniel to do, but if u get them young enough and teach the right them will never know to pull in the first place so don't lose any drive 'making' them heel