Good evening all


Well as requested here I am introducing myself. Not really sure where to start so here goes, I've been very lucky and shot all 6 uk deer species and even more fortunate that I've managed to shoot in quite a few other countries too to add a few other species to the list. I've been deer stalking for nearly 30 years although in the early days it was more fallow culling than anything else. I would add that I in no way consider myself experienced and find I'm constantly learning.
Current calibres include .22, .243 and .308 although I will admit not being a big spender on kit, I've had all three for some considerable length of time and bout them all cheap in the first place.
I have been watching the forum as a visitor for a little while and thought it about time I joined in, looking forward to chatting with some of you in the future.


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Well done mate
I am new to the site also lets hope to have some new friends in the sport of stalking.
Ive been shooting and stalking most of my life 57 and still get the buzz.
Old guns and kit sounds like me. 25.06 243 17hmr And three shotguns .I Dont often ware cammo.
I Manage a large herd of wild fallow in devon. Born and live in Cornwall.
I say you learn something from everyone you meet.
regards brian