Good Hotel/BB in The Borders


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Fine Chaps of The Stalking Directory I desperately need help to identify a good Hotel or B&B in The Borders area for a couple of nights stay on the way back from stalking in Perthshire in the second week of October. OK I know I have left it a bit late which is why I need help. She who must be obeyed is a bit fussy so it needs to be a quality establishment with good food.
Any suggestions much appreciated.
Regards to all


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Suppose it depends where home is and what route you plan to take.

As Rangers says the Buccleuch Arms is a good bet

Also worth considering is the Lodge at Carfraemill (not a lodge!) also on the A^* and at the North of the Borders region.

Tontine in Peebles is good

Capon Tree House in Jedburgh

Burts in Melrose

Horse and Hound in Bonchester Bridge - a wee bit "deeper " into the Borders but lovely small village Inn that is used by shooting parties and stalkers alike


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The food at the Buccleuch Arms has improved 10-fold over the last couple of years & is now really rather good & there's plenty to do in & close to St. Boswells with the borders Gunroom for you & the excellent bookshop & cafe for her. The worst meal I have had in the last 20 years (and I have travelled extensively) was at the Horse & Hound in Bonchester Bridge, albeit sitting outside on a sunny day in a pretty little village.

If we were doing the same & were heading slightly westward then we would probably choose The Trigony House Hotel near Drumlanrig. Had some lovely times & meals there.


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Try the Allanton Inn, depending which side of the country you are heading back down to.

I stopped off there last year when I was picking up my dog, good food and good accommodation.




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PMSL!!!!! Blame Alan!!!! I said to get the quad and he wouldn't! Said he'd get you lads to do it in the morning! You do know how much I appreciated it though, don't you.....???? :D:lol:
We did get the quad and get it the following morning, wasn't too bad in the end. I'm sure you'll show your appreciation when we next meet!! Had to get Al's lads aswell so we made him buy the beer.