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dave 67

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I dont hold an FAC at the moment i Have booked to go stalking in Feb
and as i believe this counts as good reason to apply for said FAC
I quote HO guidance 13.30

"An applicant who wishes to shoot deer should name land which has the likelihood of the appropriate deer species being present, and an invitation,
booking or authority to shoot. Many deer stalkers will rely on invitations to shoot on payment rather than being paid to do so and may not be able to shoot regularly or frequently,"

Anyone give a clue as to how many bookings you have to have or have completed before you prove to the powers that be you have good reason.
I have shot rifles since the age of 13 with the army cadets then spent 10yrs in the TA so have some knowledge experience of weapon handling/safety.
I am in the GMP teams area if this helps know they all have their own little
ideas on interpretation of HO guidance


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Hi dave,

The best thing to do is get a guide to give you, lets say about 12 dates that he would be avalaible to take you out, then send these off with your application for you license. All of these dates spread over about 6 months will be put on your license as dates by variation. You do not have to go on all of these dates but if you can prove that you have been on a few of them then this will help you onto the next stage. Doing it like this will stop you having to apply to the firearms officer as the dates are already there.
This is something that was done some years ago so i am not sure whether this would do nowadays.

hope this helps a little.



dave 67

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Thanks for taking the time to look guys just seen in legal issues
Swampy covered this topic (permission to stalk) thanks for the reply Wadas. Sorry for posting an already asked question :oops:


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Wadas is right,
you will probably need less than he suggests, however. i had 3 over 12 months when i applied for my .30-06 i would say a couple of days at does with basc might be the cheapest way to get some dates in the diary

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