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bob edwards

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Yesterday i had the great pleasure in not only meeting some old friends but met some great new ones at the N,East of England BDS butchery course in Barnard castle.
I would like to thank Arthur Ellwood from Gamekeep for his hospitality at the Smithy a great venue Also big thanks to Colin Bowker and Graham from N,West branch what cracking lads, AWESOME at butchery and skinning if any one is looking for a butchery course to be added to a function these guy's are the best i have seen by a mile.(Kelso stalking fair 2014)
Rob and his wife from Monarch country supplies brought his extensive array of wares and he did a 1st class job on demoing stalking equipment and accessories.
Also his knife sharpening skills are fantastic he put a great edge on my knife. and finally the lads and lass who attended thanks for joining in having a go and asking all sorts of questions it was a great day
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