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I am wanting a good spec camera for Stalking, as most on here know we get the chances of some fantastic photo opportunities and video footage.

Budget is upto £250, would like a reasonably compact camera, easy to carry in pockets whilst out.

All suggestions welcome.



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For stills you can't beat a Nikon DSLR and you can now get the D40 for about your budget:

You'll probably find it cheaper, I didn't look around.

I've had a D70 and now got a D80 and you just can't fault them. The D40 & D60 are a bit more compact and can do a great job.


By the way, if you go to and follow the Nikon links you'll see the sort of results you can expect.


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I've got a Canon Ixus 860 and the picture quality is fantastic. It's quite a small camera and fits nicely in a jacket pocket. The video quality is very good too.



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I've just gone through this as my Fuji f700 has just broken. Although just a little compact it did pretty well and fitted into my jacket pocket no problem. I have one of these digital bridge cameras, it has a 28 - 300mm lens, but it is too big to hump around out stalking. I ended up getting a Fuji S5800, it has a 10X optical zoom and a video capability. I put a 2 gig xd card in it and it gives 520 pictures at it's finest setting or 36 minutes of video, you can put it in auto and just point and shoot or you can use all the different options and get as technical as you like. It is also small. I paid £89 for it from the Fuji shop, refurbished, 6 months guarantee. It is obviously not a Cannon but for knocking about with me, it fits the bill.

The Fuji Shop

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