Goodbye my old mate.

the scudd

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Just finished burying my springer spaniel,totally heartbroken.Hewent off his food about a week ago,i took him to the vet who thought it was a throat infection after 5 days decided to do bloodtests got the results back tuesday evening,kidneydisease and prostrate cancer,had him put down last night 1,1 of the hardest things i,ve ever had to do,cried my eyes out,but i know it,s for the best i didn,t want to see himm sufferingany more than he already had.just wanted to write this not as a tribute but rather to get it out of my system,Thanks


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Sorry to hear that

Sorry to hear you've lost your dog.

Its horrible when it happens.




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People say 'it's only a dog' but when you've shared the elation and heartache of fieldsports with them, they are much more than that. I know your grief...had to put my wee girl down last summer and the old boy the winter before. It's hard, you have my every sympathy.

paul k

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I had the same last year, my 12 y.o. lab got a problem with her hips and in 24 hours went from OK to being unable to stand on her back legs. I couldn't bear to watch and took into the vets and held her head as she passed away.

I've been less upset when people have died.

My thoughts are with you. Best cure - get another dog!


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Sorry to hear about your dog.

My black lab bitch will be 14 in June this year, she's still going well at the minute though, albeit deaf as a post and blind as a bat but she still manages to make the 2 year old look stupid, Hare and the Tortoise scenario! Not looking forward to her going at all, I was heart broken when my last bitch died and she was more my fathers dog than mine!
They're always there through the highs and the lows, the fantastic flights of geese and duck on the Wash and the day I was pheasant shooting and didn't hit a bloody thing, plenty of stick from the beaters but she never passes judgement, such a good friend.

Cherish the good times, memories will never leave you!



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I know how devastating it is to love a much-love dog. Two years ago my labrador collapsed of a heart attack after being out working all day - he was only 5. I never had a chance to say goodbye to him, one second he was there, the next he was gone. I still miss him now, although having the two youngsters (one lab, one cocker) helps.

I listen to the Huntcast, a podcast on hunting from the US, and when the presenter's young labradoodle was knocked down and killed on the road someone sent him this poem:

Yes it's American and yes it's sentimental, but it's touching nonetheless.



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Hi The Scudd

I to had to go though the same thing last year with my old ESS bitch, like you say a very hard thing to do. You have my sympathy.

Best rgds



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That`s sad news. Could he have had a better life?
I very much doubt it.
Chin up mate and remember the good times.


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Goodbye my old mate

Scud, Willie and all, our vet sent that poem ten years ago when our last springer died. Our current old man is 16 years old. He has a plate in one elbow when he broke it jumping off a bank to retreive a pheasant and despite this he still sulks when the younger springer comes out with me. Despite his stamina, he cannot go on for much longer and one morning i will come downstairs and see the look in his eyes that says "thanks dad I don't want to go on".
Be cheerful lads. I always raise a glass to them and their memories live on.


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I know how you feel mate I went down that road last autumn, too many of us had to do it last year. I still have my old boys brother, he is fit can still do it, slowly mind, but he is 13 next birthday.



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My sympathies , My ESS Megan went the same way. Her portrait still hangs over the mantelpiece that was 2 years ago , I have only this year got myself another puppy, I found it so hard. Take time to grieve mate no shame in that.
Best regards Trapper.


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Never an easy time in any shooting mans life to loose a good companion such as a well loved working dog.
It is hard taking them to be put to sleep, and many a big hard man (or so they thought) has shed a tear or two over their parting, somehow I always wish they just slipped away in their sleep, but its rare that it happens. Chin up mate, he is in a better place and probably running after every Rabbit, Squirrel and Deer he can lay his paws on.

As someone has already said remember the good times ;)

All the best



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sorry to here about your loss

They say that dogs are with us for such a short time but leave memories that last for ever .
And There is not much that a dog doesn't touch in your heart or in your soul !

deepest sympathy in your loss



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the same as above scudd,you will always have the memories mate.i did the same as you cried my bloody eyes out and said never again no more dogs,now i have 2 labs in the kennels :eek: ,i does get easier with time.


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Scudd, just a word to say I share your saddness. Had the same awful decision to make with four ESS friends in the past, it's not easy. As others have said, remember the good times, they are with you for ever. Best wishes, Pete.

the scudd

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Hi,i would just like to thank everyone for the kind replies. I know some people will say it,s only a dog, but whenever you spend so much time together you get very attatched.thanks all.


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Hi scudd,
never just a dog for someone who studies you for 85 % of their waking time you are bound to get attached. I am just as upset as the next over my own dogs and sometimes got too close to clients' dogs so felt the loss along with them and can remember individuals very well years later.


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Hi Scudd, sorry to hear your very sad news. Never forget he was one of the lucky ones who did what he was born for.
Too few have the life he enjoyed, think on that try to find a smile in the dark moments.