Goose shooting in Caithness


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Goose Shooting in Caithness with LeviGap.
A few of us went up to have a bash at the geese in Caithnesslast week, our guide was Levigsp a trade member on here. We arrived at thecottage and it was comfortable and warm and on the recommendation of Frank wewent to the hotel in Castletown for a bar supper, food excellent and staff veryfriendly, back to the cottage for a night cap and up at 5am next morning forour first flight.
We followed Frank in the dark along the single track roadsto the fields that the grey’s had been feeding in, our head torches pick up thegoose dropping in the grass and we were all getting excited as we helped to putout the decoy’s must have been forty out in front of us, we used the dead grassto make hides in the fence line and hunkered down awaiting the dawn, the firstlot came in up the field with no calling to pitch in beside the decoys we wereall looking up not down and never saw them until they lifted and the fun began,we packed up about 9.30 am with all of us having shot a goose or two.
Back to the cottage for a big fry up and talk about the morningflight, we chilled after breakfast plenty to read in the cottage with loads ofbooks on hunting and fishing. We were off at 3pm for some duck shooting at theponds Frank had built, we all had good shooting and plenty of duck all round.
The next day was made up of the same but in different locations,we all enjoyed our trip and we will be making it our annual pilgrimage toCaithness to chase the grey geese and ducks, I won’t go into the numbers gameall I will say is our cartridge bags and belts were a lot lighter going south thancoming north.
A great we trip to the north and views to Dunnet Headfantastic, a visit to the new gin distillery and the local gun shop in Dunnetis a must.
So if you fancy a bash at the geese contact Frank on thehere:thumb: