Goose shooting/rough shooting


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Hi guys,

looking for for a bit of advice on what I should charge per person and also how many guns should be on it for a goose/rough shoot syndicate. Land is in Inverness shire and is 1500 acres.
geese are already arriving and there is a lot of pigeons there are a number of pheasants and woodcock aswell.



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Here in Blackpool and surrounds people are charging £150-250 per day for goose shooting if you can get it. As with everything it's only worth what someone's willing to pay. Sounds like you have a great rough shoot. For what it's worth I shoot on a 2000 acre syndicate and there's 12/13 of us walk one stand one during he season.


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Thanks for the reply,It's something to work with. The main part of the shoot will be the geese as the land gets thousands in every year, but the facility to rough shoot will be there aswell.

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Hi Bobby
If you keep your price affordable you will not have as much pressure to produce this in turn makes for a better type of shooter!
I have been going to Scotland goose shooting for years, the guid has always found geese but if you struggle to find them as we all do at times the mood in the party changes and I think some of this is to do with cost!
If you pay good money you usually expect good results but if you can stay sensible all will enjoy it more.


Hi Bobby sounds like you have got a good thing there mate. It's not easy getting ground to shoot on. I am also from the Inverness area. If you have days going at the geese then keep me in mind mate as I could be interested.