GoPro or SJ4000 / cameras


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Ok for someone who knows nothing about these little cameras used for all sorts

Is the GoPro "the" one to go for or the likes of the SJ4000 do for someone who just wants to play around and get some memories of the kids , bit of footage of their fishing and the like?

Any specific differences that should be considered , battery life , spare battery availability ? Specification even ?
I think based on price alone their a fair difference between them but is the GoPro that much more worthy?
Or even other brands , I only heard of the two above

Opinions / recommendations please



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I have a GoPro and using it for the right job it superb. So simple and quality of video and pictures if great. Think I took more pictures using it in Montinegro last month with the family than my other Nikon camera. I like its wide angle perspective especially for capturing big scenery or messing about in the sea.
I would say that if you are thinking of the GoPro then not the Session as its a bit more fiddley unless you have used another GoPro before as the lack of screen and ability to change the battery are a bit limiting.
Value for money over any other is a bit difficult to say. It's a bit of a iPhone verses Samsung kind of question except there is a big price difference between GoPro and SJ. Also have to watch out for fake SJ's......


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I did a bit of research on these little cameras as I have always fancied one. Having visited a Maplin store I decided to buy a Kaiser Baas x100. Additionally a head mount, memory cards. It also comes with a wrist strap Bluetooth connection so you can operate the on and off from your wrist, which seems to be quite useful.

I will hopefully be trying it out in a few weeks time in Scotland, will see as I am not the best with technology.


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Hi Paul

I have a couple of the SJ4000 cameras, the wifi model, you can borrow it any time. The results are superb and i think now they are under £50!


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Had a few both GoPro and SJ. SJ specs are misleading its really not what it says it is but still they are £50 so honestly for that money buy one and if you dont like it bin it and get a GoPro. Currently using a GoPro session because I got a good deal on one and wanted a smaller cam for my motorbike and skiing in. Its awesome but has limitations. If you want to spunk the money go for the Black EDition 4k one but tbh unless you are a real film guy its a lot of dough. IMO you cant go wrong with a SJ or GoPro its just hobsons choice. I use Go Pro editor and mess about on my iphone which was the deal breaker but if that doesnt bother you dont stress it :)