gordon357 Introduction


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Hello everyone I'm near Glasgow,and new to stalking. I am a ,BDS and BASC member also NRA and Clyde Valley Pistol Club
I gained my DSC1 about 18 months ago but haven't done any stalking yet. I'm hoping that by joining I will be able to find a place in syndicate somewhere within an hour or so's drive. As a beginner I appreciate this does not make me an attractive proposition as I would have to be accompanied until I gained sufficient experience to stalk alone.

I have a Left hand Remington varmint in .223, a left hand 1970's vintage Mauser 2000 in .308, a Rossi U/L in .357mag and a Magtech .22 s/a.

I've held an FAC since 1986. My shooting then was all pistol ISSF target with a bit of PP1 and practical.