Got The Wind This Morning!


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No need for my wee wind detection dropper bottle as the torrent of prematurely falling leaf suggests how best to approach Mr. Fallow. If only I could find one!

Anyone else out in this gale or sitting in their vehicle contemplating their site-specific Risk Assessment?

Be safe.



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Was out last night and it was severe up here yet we don't have a storm warning, just strong winds and rain last night. Still managed to get one though in a sheltered corner...


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Gale to strong gale here this morning 04.30 - 05.00, heavy rain follow soon after as expected, considered a sortie having drawn a blank yesterday daybreak but thought better of it, tomorrow morning looks a better prospect.

Some easterlies for a change would suit me, here's hoping. S


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One high seat blown over. Numerous trees down but one fallow buck just around 8.30 when conditions improved.

I'm surprised you've sen a lot in perth as we haven't really seen any significant wind up here yet and we usually get hammered! maybe it on its way!




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Lots and lots of trees down here but lots of work and dosh but the bloody winds stopped me for zeroing in my new steyr mannlincher stutzen 30-06 I've had it over a week as I've already said bloody wind bazil


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Very bad here in east Essex from 0500 to about 1200. Next door a side shed of a 200yr old barn was lifted up and dumped across one of my fields. Asbestos sheets everywhere. Did not go out last night as I have found that deer hate the wind more than anything and just dont move. I didnt fancy poncing around in a wood full of trees in full leaf!