Government plans to sell the Forestry Commission

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paul k

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It's highly unlikely that any contracts current at the time would be broken and they would run their course, however it is highly likely that ongoing arrangements would be subject to review.


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there is also talk of the FC leasing upto a third of it's Scottish ground to the private sector....the two stories are no doubt linked but it would appear that the FC is about to undergo a serious shake-up


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My god what a country we live in we won't own a damn thing what is the government thinking? :evil:
We are just been sold down the river at every opportunity
If all the resources had not been sold off for a quick buck it could still have been such a great place doesn't it make you guys sad and angry all at once because it certainly does me :rolleyes:


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I've mixed feelings re the FC. They excel at some things but can also be totally inept at times.Not sure how the stalking lets will fair but who knows, it could provide more opportunities for some lads.


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I know for a fact they have just sold off a piece of forestry to a local estate, it was only a couple of months ago they were wanting to buy my mates farm. How time change.



We have a lot of underprivileged people moving in to the country from the eastern block afghanistan Iraq etc and how are we to fund them with out selling our resources and then buying them from the same eastern block countries and oil from Iraq etc.Do you lot care about the under privileged from across the water i mean150 billion pounds was sent back to India and Pakistan last year that will help there fast growing economies are you not proud of this fact. ;)


FC are currently being instructed to sell off ALL major surplus plantations in Scotland and move their interest into peri-urban woodlands. The aim is to make all FC land avaialble to the masses to enhance their wellbeing either through walking, cycling or just enjoying walks in the forest. This brings with it problems with deer (and other wildlife) management. At present with these woodlands in and around built up areas the deer are being subjected to huge amounts of cruelty. They are being chased by dogs, stoned, shot with air rifles and crossbows. There has even been a case of deer being caught in pits which have been dug just for that purpose!!! ............ Oh and the local council don't want stalkers brought in because - "oh, you can't shoot bambi"


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I see it like this, the FC have to pay for rangers to manage deer including pensions, NI, Tax, vehicles, firearms, RTA call out service, buildings, offices, larders, tied cottages etc which adds up to a massive overhead that they would expect to recover from the sale of venison and guided stalking. Setting up a contract with Bestwicks was not a good move and stalking is really expensive..... just ask Peter Pursglove.

Now why not have a strategy that allows you and me to manage the deer for them, after all were just as well qualified for the job, there is no overhead and bugger me, we even pay for it. Saving!!!!!

Now is that cool or what?

Radical it might well be but rest assured it aint that far off in the future. For all you FC rangers out there you have my respect as stalkers and sympathy but take the opportunity to retrain for other work... your gonna need it.

Remember you heard it here first.


Bandit Country

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6.5 x 55 said:
Do you lot care about the under privileged from across the water

Yes, I do care. I care about anyone who, through no fault of their own, gets dealt a crap hand in life or gets offered the shitty end of the stick. It's why I dragged my sorry arse around 8 miles of Shropshire countryside and why I support the Gurkha justice campaign and why I do other stuff to help out folk less fortunate than me - I think it's called having a social conscience ;)

The difficulty lies in working out how we deal with the problems on a global scale. All I know is that the current solutions on offer by the great and the good are failing miserably. The alternative of pulling up the drawbridge and crowing "I'm all right, Jack!" is just another recipe for disaster.


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I do not mind helping anyone in genuine need, ditto to what BC says above, however I do object to filling the country I love with a bunch of arseholes who disrespect all I hold dear and my predecessors have stood and fought for.
Why should billions of pounds be sent to Third world countries when we cannot run our own country? Schools Hospitals jump out straight away :rolleyes:
India has enough gdp to support itself quite nicely but the greedy little gits that own the wealth are the ones that ned to acquire a social conscience not me. :evil:
Is it not time we said enough is enough and ejected the people who drain the economy, plot against us and our way of life at our own expense, we are the laughing stock of Europe.
If someone wants help and is genuinely in fear of their life I would extend a hand of friendship, they can stay at my house as a guest if they had know where else to go.
I have actually done this before so cast the first stone I dare you.

But when the hand of friendship is blown off by a terrorist bomb no more

David BASC

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Not in the statement, but I ask our political team to have another check through the background documentation and see if it is mentioned.

The last thing that came up for the FC was a Defra statement about increasing the area of woodland cover, so it might be that the Treasury and Defra are not talking to each other?

Perish the thought!


monty the stalker

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Goverment plans to sell of the forestry Commision

Hi all

Last night on ITV Borders news they ran a small articale on the sale of FC stock,

25% of some 600,000ha (8% of Scotlands land mass) to be leased to over seas compaines on 75 year leases.

This will enable them to clear fell standing timber etc as the blocks mature and to manage all leased blocks as the new owners fell fit.

With this in mind then thoes of you a stalking lease with the FC should start to look over your shoulder, as from past experience of take overs in a number of industries thoes on the bottom normally get shafted the worst and stalking leases and stalkers will be at the bottom and an easy target to have rents raised and conditions tightened.

Example of this, my stalking bud from down south use to have a liecence (costing £90/year) to collect fire wood for his wood burnning stove,
from the trash left behind from a clear fells, all these licences have now been revoked by the Fc (under h&S) as of Feb 2009 and you now have to by the wood from a third party company at a much greater cost.

You have been warned, of what may come to pass so enjoy it while you still have the chance.


bruxie hill

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f c land

i heard on good athority that it costs the fc in the region of £260 for every carcase that passes through the commishion larders

David BASC

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For detials see the Confor web site

There is a public consultation document briefing paper on the site - read it.

What happens to all the stalking leases..... :(
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