GPS Emergency Locator*- SPOT3 or Simlar


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I have decided that my current lone working plan is a little out of date and was thinking of buying the Spot 3 locator. However, I'm not keen on the additional monthly/annual add-on costs associated with these products. Can anyone advise on a similar one off payment device that has a SOS emergency button, tracking facility and capability to contact some one if non emergency assistance is required.

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I have an IPhone but didn't didn't think they had the following function - SOS In an emergency, transmit an SOS with your exact location to GEOS emergency response Coordination Centre to activate a rescue.


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Delorme Inreach SE. Two way proper text messaging via Iridium. Cheep plans and pay only for the months you use it. Basic tarif $14 a month for 10 free messages or unlimited pre set messages. Weather messages tailored for your current location.
Explorer model is more expensive but can be used as a GPS also.
I use mine for stalking or solo hiking trips around Dartmoor were there is no cell coverage oh and for travel abroad - No roaming costs!
Not to mention the all important SOS function to GEOS.
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Ref the Delorme solution might I add that although advertised by DeLorme as having SMS capability I would not recommend using SMS as a method of communication with the DeLorme inReach. This is because Iridium does not have have agreements in place with all mobile network providers. Therefore SMS sending and receiving can be unreliable. It is better to use email messaging which is far more reliable.
If you want more info please PM me as this is my bread and butter.

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I have my Inreach set to send both sms and emial and so far never had a sms go missing in two years. It's a very reliable tool and easy to use.


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For the past couple of seasons I have used a DeLorme PLB with global position recording, SMS texting, voice and the vital SOS facilities should I be incapacitated. But, it has the monthly charge (that can be stopped temporarily by a month or more) as a safeguard for solo deer stalking. Are correspondents here saying that a Smartphone App is really going to provide a near zero cost new alternative in areas where there is no obvious signal, even if resorting to the police transmitter/receiver network through the 112 number? I am not ridiculing but just willing to learn of new and effective inventions.


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Loads of people use phones but the phone is often in a pocket and having just fallen out of the high seate and broken your back that might be inaccessable?

Best to have it round your neck. Thers SOS devices that work with your phone which are inexpensive.

My main permision has zero signal on Vodaphoen which relay ****es me off when you see their current advert :D

If I were on the hills in Scotland I wouldn't trust my life to an App. Id use my Mc Merdo Fast Find.

Or of course money no object, you could buy the Bretling Emergancy Watch.


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If you have zero signal on a phone then you will have no way to communicate full stop. However if you phone registers a Signal on another network then you will be able to make emergency calls. Having spent over 20 years in the mobile phone business I can assure you there are plenty places in the UK that have and probably never will have any coverage.


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The spot3 is what we use, generally it's pretty good and very simple to use. Normally it tracks you well but we did a simulated exercise the other week. I had my tracker on and we decided to use my position as a reference point to find out how close we were to the casualty. We had mobile coverage which enabled us to do this. I was supposedly 30 miles away- infact I was only a few hundred yards from the casualty. I think the yanks play with the satellites. No tracking system is going to be perfect but used in conjunction with a detailed message left with known contact is a good start. If your lost on the hill time is of the essence, the quicker your found the better.


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Plb... Mcmurdo fast find or similar.. No subscriptions but will get you out of the CRAP if you need it to.. Uses military and sar satellites and is monitored in the UK by hm coastguard.

Spot is a private company using their own low orbit satellites.. From personal experience it is hit and miss as to whether your spot 3 will actually talk to the satellites!

Get a plb!