Gralloch and Burying

The Lucky Hunter

No, I always do the head and legs back at the larder. That's just what I've been taught.

A lot of the ground I stalk on has heavily used public footpaths, so we try to keep as "low profile" as possible. Having been out elsewhere and come across the full gralloch on a footpath, I am perhaps somewhat prejudiced in my view on this.:evil:

The gralloch doesn't hang around long, whereas heads and legs are going to take quite a lot longer to disappear. In my mind, having Fido or Fenton coming trotting back to mummy and daddy with a roe leg between his teeth probably isn't going to do much for the general public's perception of stalking ;) Doubtless others will say different.



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Was walking my dogs the other morning and came across a Fallow front lower leg on the road in the village! My guess is a fox,baddger or dog picked it up from a garalloc site close by.

Often see the heard on my morning walks with the dogs but there not on my ground..

For my own gralloch it feeds the Kits, Foxs and Badgers but try and leave it well out the way or down a rabbit, fox or Badger hole.
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