gralloching from a vehicle

Mr Van Man!

That idea looks really good and simple to get made

does the steel post just slide onto the round tow bar fitting?
Yes if you look close you will see the bottom few inches are round hollow section welded to the square.
It needs to be a slightly loose fit over the ball to get the "lean". Two lengths of thine rope would do to keep it stable. The pulley on the top came from an old multi gym.
I use it on two different vehicles as well, all you need is a tow hitch.

norma 308

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If you’re not up for making something, the david Stretton hoist is brilliant, although in its collapsed state you may struggle for space in a dihatsu, depends how you have the vehicle set up with rear seats etc.... but they’re more than capable of hanging the biggest red stags the U.K. has to offer so fallow are no bother at all.
daves stuff is or some but bulky this is where the Napier version benefits it fits in a bag for easy takedown tested on red no problem £130 I think


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Dont go with the napier truck click thing, in my opinion they are awful as I have seen them bend and buckle with fallow attached. Save your money and have something else made up.


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Sorry i do not have any pictures but i used rr to use a piece of steel tube attached to the roof using a pipe clip and a twin vacum head grip like that what is used to lift glass or panels this then hung over the back and was attached to thinner poles to make an a frame then hang a lift to this


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Having wanted something for a while for the back of the Hilux this is what I came up with - modifying an American design. Now I've done one I think I could probably turn out a couple if anyone would be interested.


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Cheers Tim, it worked a treat! The receiver I had galvanised but the hoist succumbed to some grey paint that was lying around!


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Here's my attempt, breaks down into 3 sections, adjustable legs and the main upright can rotate all the way round to help load a carcass into the truck. Just need to paint it.


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Latest one knocked for a mates Disco. This one worked a treat by using his current tow bar attachment.

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Tidy that, what's the most you would lift with it?
It’s a 600lb winch. Haven’t tried that yet! Interestingly the tow bar section had to come out a fair bit not because of the drop down tail gate but the glass section doesn’t go up that far. Therefore the bottom section is longer than the one I did for my Hilux.

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