Available: Gralloching / larder day

Proposed Gralloching / larder day(s), Gloucestershire

The proposal is to provide a day for 5 people to come to a deer park / larder to get hands on experience gralloching and inspecting carcasses.

The first day will be during August and entail a presentation and discussion on diseases, parasites, injuries, equipment and technique followed by a demonstration on freshly culled Fallow. Candidates will then be able to clean and prepare Fallow as estate staff cull animals in the adjacent park and bring them to the larder.

This is not a certified large Game course and is aimed at providing "hands on" experience, or improve technique. More days are planned, depending on the level of interest.

Carcases can be purchased if you would like to take one home.

On site facilities include a very good café / restaurant, accommodation is available very close to the main estate car park.

£150 per candidate

Drop me a line to book a place.