Grant of a SGC


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Good evening chaps/chapess'

I have just sent off for a grant for a shotgun certificate from merseyside police.

Has anyone had any dealings with them and if so any idea how long ill be waiting for them to get in touch and for the whole process?

I currently do not own a shotgun yet or cabinet, so what sort of questions should i expect to be asked etc?

All answers will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you



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you should get it in a couple of months i would imagine , if you dont have a cabinet then you can save time by getting an approved one correctly sited and bolted to wall ,not to sure what hoopes you have to jump through as its that long since i got my first one , just make sure you do your bit correctly then you should have no problems, good things come to those that wait !! atb arron.


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Yes, good idea to get your cabinet in and sorted, otherwise they'll only have to come back again when you have to check it. Don't know what you intend to use it for, but it's not impossible if you get the bug, you'll want more than one so plan for that when you buy your gun safe. When the FEO comes, just present yourself as the normal, responsible person you are, treat him politely and answer his/her queries truthfully. He/she may ask what you want a gun for, or other questions that aren't part of the application, but such questions are merely designed to elicit answers from you to satisfy him/her that you're a fit and proper person to have a shotgun. Having the kettle on and some nice biscuits handy doesn't harm things either.