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There seems to be a lot of controversy over the word "gralloch", it comes from The Gaelic word "greallach" and means simply guts/entrails, it does not include the pluck,i.e. heart, liver,lungs etc.
Folk seem to confuse the meaning of "gralloching". When you shoot a deer, as soon as is possible, the first thing you should do is to bleed it, at the base of the neck, then as soon as is possible after the shot you gralloch it, that is remove the guts, that's everything behind the diaphram but maybe not always the bladder.
The chest cavity is better done in the larder along with the head and feet.
Deer should not be taken to the larder for bleeding and gralloching.
If it's your thing to hang it in a tree to gralloch a beast then carry on BUT there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing it on the ground indeed you'd struggle to do anything else where I work.

I'm absolutely dismayed and saddened at the lack of knowledge and lack of tolerance for others that has been demonstrated on this forum over the last few days I don't do suspended gralloch, to me personally, if I could I wouldn't bother but if someone wants to, then that's not harming me or you, likewise leave me to my ground method and please don't try and tell me otherwise.



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I think you are wrong on this, I do a suspended gralloch every single time and in most cases it is just people being lazy who don't bother to hoist their deer up a tree. Sometimes, if I'm lucky, I can be within 4 days walk of the nearest tree when I shoot my deer: