Great free apps for tracking deer / trails


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Discovered a couple of apps by accident on my android phone today which may be of use to forum users for tracking yourself and your routes or as I did tonight as a record of a track laid for your dog as a test.

The first app is called my tracks and is a free app and the second app is called google earth again a free app.

I have attached two screen shots below, the first from my tracks and the second from google earth.

The second one plays a ground level video which is really good to see, I have just taken a single shot of it though to keep it simle:

It shows the time you laid the trail and also the distance in metres.

I have obviously used a field to show it easily but I would imagine it would work just as well in wooded area.



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The first screen shot there should show the distance in metres as well however when I took the screen shot I must have hit the volume button and it has covered it up.