Great service - Montrose Guns & Tackle.


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I ordered a Hawke range finder from the above on Wednesday afternoon

It arrived at 10am today.

​And the price was sharp!


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He's good with his prices, always worth checking if he sells what you're after as he's usually does a good price. I was after a particular new gun, and the price he gave me was as good if not better than anywhere in the UK.


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Done a fair bit of business with Mike.. he's not bad for a Welshman!!

He has even dropped stuff off at my house for me on the way home.. same day delivery!!

(and that says something for someone who's been married to one for 15 years!!):doh:
Totally agree - what a decent bloke.

I much prefer to travel South to go and see Mike, rather than use a much closer (and much less friendly) gunshop North of me. It's a bonus that his prices are really competitive as well.

As you say, the only downside is that he's a Druid :D