Great wee dog coming on - Bavarian Scenthound

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Just had the best afternoon yesterday running a 1km track for my 10mnth old pup.

Trailled 2 fallow hooves with a few couches made along the way using the full hide. We dog did absolutely brilliant to the 2 shots of the rifle, finding the start of the track and figuring out areas where the deer was simulated jumping puddles, a ditch and going over a five bar gate.

About 20m from the end, with the hide and fresh entrails just through a hole in the hedge he stopped for a 10second point and then pushed his way through a clump of nettles (which he hates) grabbing the hide and giving it a real good shake. Actually the power of a 10month old Bavarian pup's grip can be really surprising and for the next 15 mins I played with him pulling that hide all round the field. This is is favourite game and he gets very focused when chasing the full hide as I pull it round encouraging him to get stuck in.

he lost the scent for about 5 mins from the end of the trail and it was very enjoyable as a handler just giving him the full 10m long line to figure out had been "stumbling" in several circles before his final resting place.

A great afternoon for our man/dog team, he has been in a great mood and energised all weekend. I just can't wait to see this pup mature and I think the Irish name "Mo Chara" is very appropriate for him. It means "my friend".