Greetings All


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Hello to the Forum.

A little about myself, i am an experianced stalker and until recently used only word of mouth to share experiances and opportunities.
I shoot at the NRA and Stalk mainly in Scotland, i am a winter cull stalker nowdays and often have the chance for someone to take the summer season on my stalking blocks from me.
One of my passions is antique double rifles, you can often see me at some ranges using a .500 nitro express, i have a mass of re loading data on old and wierd sizes.
Looking forward to sharing some of the stalking , sorry it does come at a cost , but i make no profit.




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Hi neilgavin welcome I am new to this forum to but finding it very good, I am from the north east of Scotland and do a bit of stalking up north to,
It is a great country for our hobbies/job , where about do you stalk west or north ?
You never know I might take you up on your offer I do have plenty of spare time at home since I work offshore so am looking forward to doing a lot more stalking,
But welcome and I hope you enjoy!