greetings from Aberdeenshire


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good morning to all.
I'm Alan and I've been stalking for thirty odd years. I live in North East Scotland. I stalk mostly Roe with the occasional go at the Reds. I have just completed my Level 2 and when I get the certificate in my grubby hand I will give you all a tale of woe and misery concerning Level 2.
In the mean time, let me say that its nice to be able to join this directory,I'v read it for many months and find it very enlightening as to what goes on in other parts of the deer world.


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Hi Allan welcome to the site, glad to read that you enjoy the site and we look forward to hearing about your experiences.

I am sure folk will be interested to hear what went on with your Level 2 :rolleyes:

All the best to you



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Hi alan and welcome to the site i do alot of stalking not to far from you ballater area. some good roe round there mate i am up on the 9.3.09 see if i can get in to them bucks let you know how i get on.



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Hello Alan,

and welcome to the site. There are a good many of us now situated in the north of Scotland, we shall have to do something about one of these days.

Looking forward to hearing your story. :D :D