greetings from cumbria


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hi there from cumbria, I take part in all types of field sports but the main one is deer stalking, mainly for roe but also red and fallow now and again.
just returned from 2 days stalking in dumfies & galloway , seen 12 roe, killed 0, shots fired 0, frozen snow , you might as well walk around banging a drum, never mind though allways good to see them about.


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Hello and welcome to the site happyhunt.
Sounds like you saw plenty of deer but was too crunchy underfoot to get near them, :eek: aint that always the problem? :mad:



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Hi Happy,
With you the bests intentions and all that this weekend but it’s been like walking on crisps, ambush only freezing my nuts off.
Look forward to reading your posts

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