Greetings from Edinburgh


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Good evening All,

Thank you for allowing me access to your forum.

I have recently relocated to Edinburgh from South Africa, left behind a variety of rifles, shotguns and handguns.

having been an avid hunter of both fur and feather, I am keen to pursue my sport with a little deer stalking and a some wing shooting here in scotland.

My favourite rifles were a 270 and a 300 H&H, when out in the field pursuing game birds, I favoured my 20guage side by side.

I will be very grateful for all and any advise that you wish to share with me.

Looking forward to a long and happy stay with you all.

kind regards



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Hi Lenn welcome to the forum, get your application in for a shotgun cert asap, do some clay shooting for good reason, then look into booking some paid stalking, and use that to get your FAC, if you can join a full bore shooting club, that will make things easier for for you
I am assuming you are elligable for shot gun and FAC


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Hi Ray,

Thank you for your message.
I am moving into a new home in November and have not as yet arranged for a gun cabinet, will get one and install it once i have moved.