Greetings from Finland

Hello everybody! I just found this forum and it seems very interesting to me - especially from the finnish point of wiev. You have a lot of deer species which I even havent seen! In Finland we only have roe deer, white tailed deer and fallow deer in a few locations, yes, and reindeer of course, but that´s not a game species over here. :)
According to the headline here is a lot of interesting threds, so I know what I´ll do during the evenings of the next few days.


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Hello Chris, I have hunting friends in Finland great guys they are. I have hunted regularly with them in Finland and Estonia, they often come here too.


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Had one of our best holidays in Finland, the wildlife, scenery and hospitality were wonderful, was introduced to pear cider and alcoholic hot chocolate too :p
-20 degrees and dark at 2pm but the time in the yurt with a log fire and like minded people was great
My kids, now adults, still reminisce about that holiday every winter
Thank you guys for making me feel very welcomed here! This seems to be a very active forum! Amazing that so many (well at least three) of you have been to Finland! I was prepared to answer questins of were Finland is situated, whether we have problems with polar bears on the streets and so on.;)

You are right about the finnish rifles takbok. Sako and Tikka is known by most hunters, but do you also know Lynx (small manufactuer of rifles)?
I myself uses a Tikka .308 for white tailed deer and a Sako .222 for roe deer. Also have a .22 Sako for diverse small game and a Valmet (another Finnish brand) combi in 12/.308 fo a bit of everything and a couple of Finnish shotguns.

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Greetings from Belgium, you wil indeed have a lot to reed here, I never can keep up.
Love your country, have been there once for a few days but I would love to go back!


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