Greetings from Manchester


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Hello all! I've been reading the topics on this site for a while now but thought it only right I join up and introduce myself :rolleyes: It's been about a year now since I got back into shooting. I did a lot of shooting as a kid with my dad, but then discovered girls and booze and it all went downhill from there :lol:16 years went by and one day I thought I'd by myself an airrifle and after a lot of practice after which I still couldn't shoot for toffee I went back to one of the old farms I used to shoot as a kid up near Settle NYorks. One dead rabbit later and I was hooked again :) Since then I got my FAC/SGC and now the airrifles are well at the back of the cabinet. I got a .22lr, 223 and HMR on my first application which I was chuffed about and I've had mostly rabbits and 1 fox though a mate of my dad's been taking me out stalking with him to show me the ropes. I've got the bug now and I'm going to apply for a "proper" caliber this year.

Looking forward to picking everyones brains ;)


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Welcome mate nice to see another fellow Greater Manchester person about. Everyone on here is great there advice & knowledge is second to none.