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Hello everyone. I have just discovered this site through a stalking pal and am suitably impressed. I have been stalking and game and rough shooting in Warwickshire and Worcestershire for more years than I care to remember. I am shoot captain for a small local pheasant/partridge syndicate which was formed 32 years ago. I also manage the deer on a large Warwickshire estate which has high numbers of fallow and muntjac. The roe population is also increasing rapidly and I have taken two very good heads this year which I will be taking up to the C.L.A. game fair at Blenheim for assessment. I use a T.T. Proctor .243 with a Swarovski 6 x 42 scope which I find ideal for all three species. As a day job I have been a book dealer specialising in new and old sporting books for many years and now have a website at as well as still selling through the traditional channels. Hope I haven't broken any rules with this little plug! Anyway, while my wife is watching the tennis, my mates are watching the Grand Prix and it is chucking it down outside I may as well spend an hour or two reading all the other forums. Bye for now.


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welcome aboard greengrass
i too ,am watching the warwickshire rain whilst sat at the computer
it will be good to hear your exploits from your hunting days old and new
good luck with your head assesments at the CLA


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Hello Green Grass,
I to hail from Warwickshire, but missed the rain as I was magically transported to Narina this afternoon, all be it through the cinema. No you are not breaking any rules with your plug, but should you feel at some point you would wish to expand your advertising; we can offer you some good deals that will see to it that you recieve more customers and we the Admin team can keep the wolf from the sites door. As i have mentioned we do have a twenty post rule for members wanting to advertise so get posting! If you wish to pm me with your details we can get you sorted out with advertising rates should you require.

So welcome aboard.

Regards Steve.F
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