Hi everyone. I live in Shropshire and currently I have 6 years experience in target shooting at a pistol & rifle club. My firearms experience covers military calibres from my stint in the late 70s, early 80s as well as my current collection of .22, .357 magnum & a .58 percussion muzzle loader. I also have a .410 bolt action shotgun.

A friend has invited me to join him this year to go deer stalking and hopefully my first stalk will be later this month. I am applying for a variation for .308 as a nice bolt action .308 has been offered to me at a decent price. Until I get that sorted out I will be using the .357 magnum but I think I will be restricted to Muntjac as I am not satisfied that the rounds come within the specified energy rating for Fallow or Roe.

I am looking forward to reading through the posts and hopefully learning form you and passing on stories of my hunting and maybe some pictures.

All the best. Cal.