Andy D.

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My name is Andy and I reside in Dumfries. I have been shooting for over 30 years now.
I am also a member of the British Deer Society, South West Scotland branch, H.B.S.A., N.R.A., U.K.P.S.A., N.T.S.A., Galloway Small Arms Club, Carlisle Small Arms Club etc. etc.. I shoot competitively not only in the U.K., but also abroad.

My favourite cartridges are:-
Old British Black Powder .577"/.450"
Old Black Powder. .45"-70 Government
Old Pistol. .44" S & W Special
'Modern' Rifle. .7.5 x 55mm Swiss
'Modern' Pistol. .357" S & W

My favourite action types are the Schmidt Rubin straight pull and the Browning Lever Action.

i seem to do and awful lot of reloading and an awful lot of shooting, the latter is an awful lot fun.

Always remember, Fun rhymes with Gun and that you can never have too much ammunition unless you are on fire or drowning !.

It is good to be associated with you all.

Good shooting,

Andy D.