Griffs 5 generation pedigree


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Sinbad wot does the intials AM CH stand for? Never seen that 1 before (couple on the bitches side 5 gens back)

Do u know much about pedigrees etc?

Ps I think it has ur adress printed bottom corner might be worth hiding that part.


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Cheers wrens, never seen that before.
Is that a show thing or working FT type award.
From the HPR FT's i've seen over the water seem to be very different, 1's i've seen were timed and was the quickiest to shoot the most birds and dizzied birds were put out in set positions so every dog has the same chance


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cheers Nico, Done now.
Jimmy milnes, the dam was used for hawking, (dead now) the sire is used mainly for grouse shooting,