Grisport boot sizes ?

Hales Smut

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I've read good reports on Grisport boots. I tried a few in a nearby shop, but they don't have hunting/stalking boots. I noticed that I needed one size bigger than I normally have.
Is this the same for most of their boots ? Are they small for size ?


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I Have 3 pairs of Grisport at the moment. Actually think they are quite normal for size. The newer Ranger boot is the best boot I have ever had. Seems very light and I was worried at first if they would last but they are very comfortable and seem very sturdy. Love them.


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I use these but normally fit is good not had issues with small sizes, these are great boots but they do need feeding with wax or some treatment as they can crack, but looked after they are great boots comfy from the off,regards wayne


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I like Grisport boots - Just ordered a pair after my old ones lasted 8 years. Once worn in they have been very comfortable & were waterproof for most of their life. I still wear them for knocking about. The website has plenty of types to suit most needs. I selected a pair of the "Thunder" boots - not too low & not too high. - They should go well with gaiters.