Ground Blinds

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Hi guys

Recent discussions about building/repairing high seats made me curious about the effectiveness of ground blinds. I have never used a store bought 'hut' but have taken animals by sitting quietly under a tree.

Any opinions? Are issues such as scent control/visibility outweighed by the ease, mobility and low cost of setting up a blind?

I imagine it would be a lot more successful in certain areas and on certain species.

All experiences welcome.



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I expect you will get replies about scent and movement and the like, all of which has to be considered, but I have been known to sit out with my back to bushes on a folding garden chair! I have also had a great deal of success with it.

I also have an ameristep blind, doghouse I think. You can carry it in on your back and have it erected in a couple of minutes, it has a black lining on the inside which allows movement without detection, I like it. I just put it up where I am going to hunt and leave it for about a week, let all the wild things get used to it, then have a go with it. Having said that it is easy for me to do as no bugger goes where I hunt. I find such things make up for a lack of mobility ;) When it comes to folding the bloody thing up, it's a bit like a band saw blade, the sprung steel bit which forms the base has caused me to break out in a sweat a time or two before I have got the better of it :eek:



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Hi Gabriel,
I have decided to start building a couple of low seats in areas where deer paths cross. I always see the deer but after a couple of hours waiting, I tend to fidget and the deer see me! I'm putting together some three sided sheds/low seats with a nice board seat and bench rest. I've spent most of my life outdoors but know feel that I deserve some comfort. ;)


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I use a doghouse hide occassionally when shooting foxes. It works fine so don't see a reason for them to fail, i just haven't bothered to use for deer. I like to walk and find it hard to sit motionless in a chair, etc


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I have a ground blind for relatively long range shots down one of the wooded rides. Its bases on a triangle with the seat being the base of the triangle an the apex where you rest the rifle above the grass/weeds that make the bipod impossible to use.

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