Groundwork begins


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No , no more tentative bites from the two peeps who enquired, but I have now offered it bare rifle only, I am presently in the throes of a new affair with the .20 Practical, fickle me!:D


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Dasherman will put you right. Gunner over on ukv had one built by him. Built on a John Carr action. Some fancy gold colour coating on the bolt to cut down frition. Laminate stock with cheek easer. Niel did a right job in it and my word, it shoots.

Only thing gunner said was he wouldn't do another 20p as there was better out there now, I think he said his next was a 20ppc as dies and brass are now available.


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Whatever you do, stick to the original 20 Prac premise of being able to take 223 cases and simply FL resize them and load. I would specify that you want to be able to to do this. Supply the kinds of 223 brass you are most likely to use, and dies, or better yet, reformed cases. You gain nothing by having a tight neck requiring turning or other operations. My friend had his built by Weaver, the originator the cartridge, and he can resize Lake City 5.56 brass and load it straight into his rifle. Shoots sub-half MOA and requires no special fussing to get loaded and shooting. This is where the practical part of "20 Practical" comes in. ;) ~Muir