Group of Sika grazing


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Spent an hour watching theses boys, came across them by accident and followed them for a while, boy it was not easy getting in this close but thats another tale.

Hi Stone got that better camera hope theses turn out ok on the site.
some are a bit dark and im s**t with a camera.

They were so magnificent strutting along at there pace,
The boy on the left twigged something was not quite right after 30 mins and stared in my direction for 10 mins without moving unreal these sika

Hope you all like.

:lol: :lol: :lol:


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nice one smithy ;)
glad you got a new camera now aren't you :lol:
can't grumble at those pics,
lets see if i hav learn't anything about sika over the last week or so
from the wide antler formation, and looks like red velvet , these are manchurian sika stags
and beauties at that


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Wow .. fantastic experience mate.. that stag was staring straight at you maybe it was him that told AndyL about Wadas tea? :p


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Hi Stone,
CanonPowershot S80, and if you know what your doing, which I dont, you would get much better photos slow down the shutter speed etc,which Michelle the better half as proceeded to explain all bloody night. :oops:
But it can do a lot in the right hands bar wash up.
I have to say the last thing on my mind was the shutter speed,I had spent so long on my belly getting in close, all i wanted to do was keep snapping and watching without them getting alerted to me being there.



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i hav had my lumix over two years and only found the video part of it 2 weeks ago :oops:
atleast you got the belly crawling down to a fine art, just beware of the nettles :lol:


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Here is a couple of pics I got of some Sika at the end of April, they are so much nicer looking in Summer colours.


Hinds with Stag



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It makes you appreciate the deer more. I`ve only got Roe Deer on my patch so it`s great to see photos like these.


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Great photos smithy. wary buggers ain't they@ them Sika. Hoping to get for a crack at them myself later in the week, the season is open up here, and a young tender staggie makes good eating.



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Hi all,

There are some great photos being posted lately. I know the saying "the things you see when you dont have a gun" but in my case it should be "the things you see when you dont have a camera" as I am forever leaving it in the car. I will really have to try and remember it in future.

Regards Remmy7