Grouse Video, One to share with the unconvinced


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That is really well done and appealing, I believe, to a wide spectrum of viewers. It makes me want to go!.

The closest thing to this short of shooting in America is shooting incoming doves over a grain field. It is more like perdiz shooting in Argentina, in terms of the volume of birds. Grouse hunting in the USA is more like quail hunting, but in woods on rocky hills, from North Carolina to Maine, and out west into Michigan and Minnesota. One or two dogs, like a Boykin or Brittany, will find them, point, flush and retrieve. Shots are fast, but mostly going away, where a light gun like a 28-gauge or a 12 with short (24-inch O/U or 25-inch SxS ) is better.


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The angus glens (or moorland group?) done a similar video last year or year before and was all the various head keepers from the glens.

Some big estates and big grouse shoots in that area, some of the moors up there could have almost 100 folk out on a shoot day really is some spectacle of random atv's and tracked vehicles to ferry u all about on a shoot day