GRS Berserk


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Question for anybody who has had one of these a while. What are they like for flex, and POI repeatability after removing/replacing action ?


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***disregard all this, the issue I had was with the newer bifrost for a T3 inlet.

Hi Malc,
Had one for a while, but put it back. It’s rigid and accuracy was good, but I don’t have large hands and the upright of the grip is a bit generous.
It also has a manufacturing issue, the cutout for the pin that holds the bolt stop in place does not have the shelf that’s present in the factory stock that prevents the pin from dropping out. I was lucky, the pin , stop and spring fell out in the house and I was able to find them. I contacted grs direct and they knew of the problem, so I imagine they will change the stock. I was advised to use threadlock, but I wasn’t happy with this as a solution.
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I have had no issues with mine for a tikka T3 with removing the action etc. Personally I find it is one of the most comfortable stocks I've ever used. Never had any issues with flex even with loading a bipod and shot the same poi from the bipod and bags or a highseat.

Not sure what the bolt stop issue was as I never had this problem with either a T3 inlet or my current Howa 1500 so either it's been resolved or was only an issue for certain inlets?


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My mistake, issue was with the newer bifrost stock.

The issue was with a T3 inlet. The only retention for the bolt stop pin is from the stock.