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Sold: GRS Long Range Stock in Camo for Tikka T3 Inlet

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Used a few times in 2014, I am changing this Rifle soon and so this particular inlet can not be used any longer. This sale is for the stock and its combined components only, no scope, gun or bi-pod. It has a hairline 20mm scratch just above the grip, and a small mark on the lower underside where I attach a bi-pod, I have not even tried to remove them as they really are quite hard to see. Comparable and along with other GRS stocks I have, if your a small person or short in the arm length, this may not be for you.

  • Oiled finish (Just had its semi-annual oiling along with the others I have)
  • Tikka T3 Varmit Inlet
  • 0.5" limbsaver/GRS recoil pad (full height adjustable recoil pad available at cost)
  • Stratabond Laminate
  • SpeedLock adjustmet
  • 30mm adjustment LOP and cheek-piece
  • Weighs 1900grams (+ - % depending on weapon inlet)
  • 100% drop in inlet

It will come in its original box, for what that’s worth as its not the best of made cardboard container. But I will repack it all.

£400 Inc postage.
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An Extract from the GRS website "The design is derived from the sporter stock, with the same grip and SpeedLock system. The butt is however lengthened 15 mm, has a more generous butt hook and an integrated mono-pod with quick release, micro adjustment and a total of 55 mm of travel in height. The forend is also 50 mm longer and has a flat bottom for supporting against bags or rests. The longer for-end also provides a better mounting position for bi-pods and aids in balancing long and heavy barrels. Two 70 mm spaced sling mounts is provided as standard. The stock is pre-drilled for the VersaPod spigot (installation required) and an Atlas bi-pod picatinny rail can be mounted to the stock with the sling mounts.

Also advertised elsewhere.
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