Guide Thermal Imager IR518 New Model

Scott Country

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One of our customers "Wildlife Stu" has been testing the new Guide Thermal in the field.

Although he is shooting wildlife with a camera, instead of a rifle of course, the Guide video shows the features and performance on roe buck at extended ranges.

Lots of output options for varying conditions, foliage, open areas, wooded backdrops etc and a build in video recorder too!





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I have a 518c and this a awesome bit of kit they are well worth having a pvs wont show half off what this will show


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I also have the C model and as mark says above well worth it i also have various gen 3 Nv my mate was using my pvs14 when i was spotting a fox coming through the hedges he still could not see it with the 14 happened a few times now very happy with mine.