Gun Cabinets


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Where would anyone reccomend buying from?

Similarly, are there any retailers I should be avoiding?


widows son

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Gez: All the cabinets have the British standard kite mark, most have home office accreditation so you won't go wrong with many of them.

What ive found the cops when checking them, if they have foam inserts for holding guns will count the gun spaces, and only allow that amount of weapons on the certificate, where the cabinet will hold far more weapons, pull the foam bit out when it come to there inspection time,then there's no comment can be made ,to amounts of weapons held within reason .


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Have a look for a member by the name of Paul Hart on Pigeon Watch forums. He buys cosmetic seconds from Bratton sound and retails them at reduced prices. I have had 2 of him, a 2 gun breakdown cab and a 5 rifle deep cab and saved hundreds.

Very nice chap to deal with as well....



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I have 2 Bratton Sound cabinets and have had no problems at all. If buying second hand make sure you have all the keys and that they do fit the cabinet. Just a thought shotgun cabinets will not hold rifles front to back. A "five" gun cabinet, i.e. foam spaces usually will hold 7 shotguns top to tail, but my "five gun" rifle cabinet only holds my semi auto and an o/u shotguns and 2 rifles comfortably. Many dealers have second hand cabinets at a saving usually around £75 to £100 some will also part exchange a shotgun cabinet for a rifle one especially when buying a rifle. For keys and ammo my FEO recommended the cheapist digital safe from a local catalogue store, it was also him who told me my 5 gun cabinet was infact a 7 gun. Fine chap.


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What a bargain :|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318

I could have saved a fortune if I had got one of these rather than my existing one.


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I can recommend InFac gun cabinets. Excellent quality (BS stamped) and very reasonable prices.
I bought a couple of mine from Cheshire Gun Room and they even contributed towards the shipping costs!

This guy now seems to combine shipping costs in the price

As Widows Son says, take out the foam to be granted a larger capacity.

Also remember that rifles can be double stacked very safely (one muzzle up, one muzzle down) to double the cabinet capacity ;)