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I love my gun safe,I saw the Hecctus range at a game fair when I was a teenager,& wanted one ever since.
When I was about to exceed the capacity of my bog standard gun cabinet I put an order in for a hecctus 9 gun safe.
I have had it for a few years now & am very happy with it.
My rifles & optics have come to £1000's in total & it seems to me to be worth £500 to make sure they don't get pinched.
It weighs 100 kgs,has multi-point locking,a double bit key & a locking top.
Obviously it takes scoped rifles.
I think the deciding factor in buying a gun safe should be weight. This should be an indication of the level of construction.Although some may have concrete inside!
I also looked at infac & sentry safes online,but was won over by the German quality of the hecctus.
It may seem silly puting my security details online,but as I've by far exceeded the British Standard required, & I also haven't fed my pitbulls this week... I'm hoping my findings are of use to others on here. Danny

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I totally agree with you with regards to weight. I used to have 2 small gun cabinets and following a breakin to my office, although they were unable to open the cabinets, they were able to rip one from the wall and took it away including the 5 shotguns that I had in it.
My new infac safe is so heavy, it took 3 of us to get it up the stairs and that was empty. Now that it has 7 guns in it, about 1000 shotgun cartridges and some rifle rounds, even if they did wrench it from the wall, they would not be able to take it away and with 5 bolts about 35 mm diameter, there is no hope anyone would open it on site.
So a recommendation for infac too.


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That's it though,if a tea leaf wants the,they'll have to bring a kango hammer & a crane!
The BS only states that the cabinet should stop a casual burgler for 15 minutes.
It seems like the right thing to do to spend a bit more & have the peace of mind.
Anyone thinking of robbing my place should think twice,they won't have met my girlfriend,she'd have them washing the dishes & doing the hoovering before they knew what had hit them! :eek:


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fire resistant

If any of you keep important documents in your safe and want fire resistance have a look on line at "envirograph". I use there products at work and think they are fantastic. No link to the firm other than what is stated. They do make document wallets in a fire proof material, so very usefull for deeds, insurance docs etc.
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