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A friend rang me yesterday did I know who could supply him with a sako 85 s/s fluted barrel in 243 . A new zeiss scope with ballistic turrets
Sound mod . New or S/H rifle . He said he had phoned or been in the shops to ask . Answer was leave it with us we will get back with a price no one has .6 shops in total 😱

I phoned a friend who has a local gun shop today twice the phone rang and the call was cut off. If he could get a complete set up he has now lost out on a sale

Dont gun shops want our custom
I had the same at a local RFD when I was looking for a Tikka CTR last year. Took details of what i was after, said he'd call the distributor for a price and lead time, never bothered phoning me back. Couldnt believe it.


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No excuse for poor customer service but remember that the majority of gun shops are small businesses and can be "one man bands". This will be a busy time of year, particularly with people active in all sports post lock down.

It does know harm to call them back reminder but if that brings no response then move on.

In this age of Internet shopping it could be that some are put of responding to "random" customers who are forever looking for the "best price" as they know they are unable to complete on price alone.

Local gun shops provide a service. Use it or loose it


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My mate lives in the borders he and the stalkers in the two syndicates he runs i am in one of them use three of the local gun shops and they have not got back to him. I now try and get what I need local to me before traveling up as traveling to a gun shop when in the borders costs me 3hrs less shooting and extra fuel each way about £8.00 hr .


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Call GMK, the importers.Ask them if they have it in stock? I have done that twice for left hand Tikka's.
Ask them to hold that weapon for you, Your dealer can then arrange its delivery.

good call. That’s exactly what I done in the end, found the rifle then asked my local Rfd to order it

best way to do it, I’ve got two shops I use and they do their best and keep you informed, couldn’t ask for anymore

non communication is a sign of the times now it seems :confused:


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Local gun shops provide a service. Use it or loose it
I would if they did provide a service, but when they don't they don't get my custom.
Some gun shops can only be described as totally useless and best avoided. It's a pleasure to deal with and support the good ones that actually take the trouble to serve you.


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i’ve recently collected a sporting arm :) and a TI.
both companies suppling those we’re exemplary, good advice no nonsense in stock and delivered next day

shows it can be done, if I didn’t keep to what I say and return calls i’d be out of business

what makes gun shops so resilient that they couldn’t even return a phone call

we are very busy, awaiting stock, blah blah blah load of ba%#*+ks - just tell the truth - if you want the money, get your backside in gear like some and provide the service paying people want
running a business. rant over. :rofl:


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No excuse for poor customer service but remember that the majority of gun shops are small businesses and can be "one man bands".

Local gun shops provide a service. Use it or loose it
And who can be surprised that they are "one man bands" struggling along, when they can't be arsed to value customers?

A proportion of gun shops are providing no service other than a place for the owner to hang out, hopefully subsidised by the odd mug coming in and buying some clothing.


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There is of course the other side to the story. Every gunshop owner and every RFD, pretty much, will tell you of the countless calls from individuals they'd never dealt with before asking "the best price" for X, Y and Z and then after spending maybe half an hour or longer on making an enquiry they either never hear back for that customer. Or, if they call that customer, are informed that the customer is "Just checking the price for now", "Waiting for a variation", "Was asking for a friend" or (unsaid) in fact was checking the price of X, Y or Z as they, the customer, had one to sell and needed an idea of what to ask for it. I've known them all. There's only sixty minutes in every hour and time on the telephone is time more often than not never productive four times out of five unless it is on behalf of a regular and known customer.

So that half an hour or more that could have been used doing a repair, or a strip and clean, or a re-black or loading ammunition to sell or unpacking and putting on display for sale a delivery that would actually there and then earn the gunshop owner of RFD immediate income has been wasted.

And then there's the customers who in fact you just don't want. I used to have a man who'd call, a part-time RFD, who'd have seen my advert in the shooting press and ask if he could have any discount as "He'd got a customer." You send the gun and then a few days later there be the same "It wasn't quite what the customer was wanting." So the gun would come back and that was more time wasted on packing it, sending it, unpacking it and both times entering and re-entering it on your register. I did this three of four times and after that if the man called I'd just say that I wasn't going go send it as feared that it'd probably be not quite what his customer was wanting.

So the other side of the story is that for regular customers any gunshop owner of RFD will be happy to make an enquiry and spend upwards of half an hour on a telephone but that for someone they've never dealt with before if it isn't an item they have in stock they've been there before, seen it, got the t-shirt.


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I am also turning down people who want to buy or import rifles through us. Just not worth the hassle. They have all the rights, return the rifle or lost interest once it is in and we'd be stuck with it. On top you end up taking in their old crap rifle that one can just saw up and get rid of with all the hassle involved.

Heym SR20

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Don't worry I have some appalling customer service from certain elements of the Gun Trade. But in the defence of those that I do know who are very good, rifles in the UK are always difficult. And made more difficult by the huge range that Sako, Blaser, Remington, Howa etc all advertise on their catalogues, websites etc etc. I would suggest that anything other standard sporter weight barreled right handed rifle in 243, 308 or 270 in either blued and wood, or Stainless Synthetic will always be a challenge to find.

A stainless Fluted Barrel is a very specific requirement and chances are there are very few factory original ones in the UK, either New or 2nd Hand. Or indeed actually in use. If you want something immediately off the shelf you need to go with what is available. If you ask your RFD to find out what is available then either let him do it and find and one and thus make a bit of business - RFD's are always talking to each other as it is in their collective interest to make things happen. So when your friendly RFD rings up some of his contacts to find out that they are also looking for the same thing for the same individual ..............guess what happens.

And if you want something that is not readily available off the shelf then expect for it to be a special order and expect to put a deposit down, be asked whether or not you have a slot on your FAC, and expect to pay the balance and take receipt of the rifle when it turns up. If you subsequently don't like it then expect to sell it at a loss in the 2nd hand market.

In the same way you can buy any number of Green Toyota Hilux or DMax in both the new and 2nd hand market. But you want one in BubbleGum Pink ......................................


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Best description yet but you forgot the owner's friend who is always there and tells you what you're after is all wrong actually and you need whatever he is using as it's the best there is.
Is that the fat chap in cammo trousers who routinely headshoots foxes at 600 yards? I've met him in several gunshops.

(If the truth be known, the only thing he ever buys is airgun pellets. But not when anyone else is in the shop).

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In some 11 years of shooting sports I am now on my fourth 'regular' RFD shop in my area, as the previous three all had shocking customer service and didn't seem to want to sell rifles or rifle amo or kit, couldn't be bothered to order anything in, and generally showed contempt for the customer. They are only keen on selling country clothing, shotguns (but anything under £5,000 is not worthy of their time), and smart wellies. I have had rusty rifle cartridges, guns sold on my behalf but not getting the money for them, used guns purchased that were not only dirty but also had faults, not giving quotes for scopes and other kit when asked, email requests not returned, messages never answered, etc. etc.

But rather than name the bad ones, I will name a few good ones: Countyman Sports (Gloucester); R&B Sporting (Ross-on-Wye); and the online depts. of: Uttings, Swillingtons, Saddlery & Gun rooms, Sportsman & Gun Centre; Monarch Country Products; and the Opticswarehouse. An other I should name due to the consistent great feedback is R MacLeod in Scotland.