Gun slip for folding shotgun?


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I have a folding Nickerson Over and Under 12g shotgun which I use quite a lot for both rough and hide shooting. At it is i carry it in a "normal" shotgun slip (which isn't really any problem) but I was wondering if there was anywhere that I could get shotgun slip a that was designed for a folding shotgun which might be less conspicuous for when transporting the gun from home to a shoot and back.
I've looked on ebay and many other sites but not come across any yet other than the plastic hard cases. (Ideally I would like one that could be maybe rolled up for storage when not in use or carried in my game bag)
Any thoughts please guys?
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I'm sure Napier do a slip for thats breakdown size and then extends to full size when your gun is all together


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I have to say that I am particularly impressed with the first one of the two! That would fit my requirements perfectly!
I'm pretty sure that's the slip that Markfox was referring to - you can carry the shotgun broken down to the shoot, then add the barrel extension and use it to carry your shotgun between drives.

It looks a pretty neat idea.


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They usually have 2 compartments, one for barrels & one for the stock so you might have to unpick the divider. I have an older version of a breakdown slip & it was great when we lived in the centre of Edinburgh as it's a touch more discreet.


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Is it not traditional to have a special pocket for a folding gun in the lining of an old, dark-coloured overcoat?