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For Sale: Guns for sale! Grab a bargain!!


Well-Known Member
Hi all, due to moving and a change of job I'm clearing out my cabinet and just keeping the guns I use daily for work.

First up is a aya no.4 12ga with 26" barrels. This truly is a beautiful gun. A few marks on the stock but still in good tidy conditions. Still has 100% of its coulor on the action and the barrels are spotless internally. Action is tight wich reflects how little this gun has done. £550ono, much better condition than most I have seen for sale.

secondly is an .410 side by side made by el chimbo. Nice tidy little gun. 3" chambers. £250

next is a Brock and Norris.243. Tikka action, 1-8 twist 24" varmint profile sassen barrel, bezerk stock, 20moa rail, polished and tuned trigger. This gun is a shooter, regularly shooting 0.1moa. It documented 975 105gr amax through the barrel, I am very anal about round count so this is 100% spot on. Well cleaned in the proper manner and no long shot strings. Several 1000s of barrel life yet. Load data can be provided. Bargain at £950. To have a rifle like this built would cost a lot more. Any more questions feel free to ask, photos can be provided, I'm just too thick to be able to figure out how to upload them on here!


Well-Known Member
Hi there,

I would be interested in the 105gn A-max. If you have any for sale drop me a PM.